Environment and Sustainability

A core objective of Merchant Steel Solutions Ltd is to run our business and operations with a focus on the effects we have on the environment around us. Any effects and impacts from our operations will be minimised as far as is practicable for the business.

As a business, our considerations and assessments of the impact of our business on the environment are held as of equal importance to our financial, production and safety performance indicators.

To achieve our Environmental Objective, Merchant Steel Solutions Ltd will:

Miminise the impact of our operations on the micro and macro environment in which we operate

Meet all relevant statutory regulations

Ensure that all premises and sites of work are cleanly and with that, ensure that the appearance of sites are maintained to the highest practical standards

Strive for efficient use of resources used in operations to minimise wastage and ensure the re-use of materials in future works, so long as they continue to meet the relevant quality and safety regulations and standards.

Work with suppliers, who also follow a clear approach to environmental management as is practicable

Where necessary, ensuring employees are made aware of and understand how to minimise the impact of operations on the environment.

Approved by David Biddle (Director- Merchant Steel Solutions Ltd)