Merchant Steel Solutions Ltd are committed to striving for excellence and quality output from our operations and processes to ensure continued growth within the business. This is done through the way we work, advisors and specialists we engage with and actively seek opportunities for improvement in both the quality of our products and services.

It is the Directors intension to lead in the demonstration of striving for customer satisfaction and business performance through, ensuring the provision of appropriate training, internal audit of key processes, assessments of health and safety and meeting legal responsibilities and obligations.

In order to control and monitor our service and quality, having processes and procedures in place is vital to ensure that Merchant Steel Solutions Ltd continuously improves the quality of our services and workmanship. Such obligations are set out within the following commitments made by the Directors at Merchant Steel Solutions Ltd.

1. Adequate resources will be provided to ensure that all those who work for the company are aware of this policy and that they are aware for the need to strive for continued effective implementation

The leadership team will ensure that the appropriate range of skills and expertise are employed within the company to meet and exceed our quality requirements.

Communication will be made to staff to ensure there is alignment in understanding between staff and leadership to ensure cooperation with the policy.

Meeting and exceeding all legal and regulatory requirements with respect to both the products and services supplied and the customers we serve.

5. Perform internal audits and management reviews of our key operating systems to ensure that they continue to meet the needs of the organisation and its


Seek feedback from customers to ensure that our products and standards meet their needs and requirements.

Leadership will set and review quality objectives to ensure that all systems and processes within the business are continuously improved.

Identify and appropriately respond to any non-conformances identified both internally and externally and implement corrective action and preventative actions as required.

Approved by David Biddle (Director - Merchant Steel Solutions Ltd)